Colorful Custom Containers

Spring, Summer, Fall & Holiday.  Your planters and window boxes can be beautifully unique and colorful for every season.

Unique Combinations of Flowers and Herbs

Thyme to Plant often mixes edibles with ornamental plants.  Don't be surprised if you see lettuce, parsley, rosemary, oregano and of course thyme  in your planters.  Edible plants combine beautifully with flowers and you can enjoy using them when you cook.  When you have a planter from Thyme to Plant you know it will thrive because the right plants, soil and fertilizer have all been selected just for you to enjoy!

Easy and Beautiful Planters

We take the guesswork out of planting your pots and window boxes.  We use the best flowers and herbs and plant what will work for your conditions.  The best soil is used to help your plants thrive and look gorgeous all season.  Prices vary by size of container.  E-mail for an estimate.